Different sex positions

Experimenting with different sex positions is an excellent way for lovers to further explore both their own and their lover’s sexual response. A partner may not be able or willing to vocalize what he or she wants from the sexual experience and what particular methods work best and provide the most pleasure on an individual basis. Having sex in different positions may allow a person to learn how to best please a partner while keeping the sex life of a couple new and exciting. Sometimes the same old sex positions can lose their appeal. In these times, it is best to try the many possible different positions of sex.

Sex in different positions can take on many names. One such creatively named position is The Dragon. In this position, the woman lies facing down with her arms outstretched past her head. Pillows should be strategically placed under the genital area to provide better comfort. The man should lay on top of the woman in roughly the same position with the arms stretched out as well. This position does not allow rapid thrusting and instead the man should move in a circular motion as well as in and out. Many women enjoy this position because they also receive clitoral stimulation from contact with the pillows.

One of the different positions of sex that is catching on with many couples is The Octopus. This method involves the man sitting on a bed or other place leaning back with his hands behind him for support. His legs should be decently spread with the knees bent. The woman then eases herself into a mirror image except that the woman’s legs are resting on the man’s shoulders instead of on the floor. Correct timing will lead to both the man and woman providing the necessary movement for intercourse. If a couple finds this is too difficult, turns can be taken with each of the partners bearing the force of the action for a while.

By using the previously mentioned different positions for sex, a couple may realize that they have been missing out on untold levels of sexual arousal and physical pleasure. For everyone, sex is a continued education as the needs and wants of a partner can change greatly from time to time. Being knowledgeable and competent in many different positions for sex will mean that a lover will have a less difficult time providing satisfaction to a new lover. Different sex positions are not only about experimenting with sex, but rather they also teach a person to learn about the sexual needs of a partner.